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    Hair Restoration Center

    436 Peninsula Ave. #B

    San Mateo, CA 94401

    Phone: 650-375-0204


    The hair loss predicament is even a bigger setback for women as it is for men.

    In our office we make sure to take care of this sensitive circumstance, and will do everything in our power to understand your needs and desires.

    Our main goal is to bring your confidence back!

    We understand your busy life style, and we�ll take all the necessary steps to make this a smooth operation. Today�s women have a demanding life style, and at Hair Restoration Center we entirely understand the need for a professional and speedy recovery of your hair.

    During our initial consultation, we�ll suggest variety of different methods that will satisfy your need.

    HRC studio is located in a private office facility so you feel comfortable and secure. At Hair Restoration Center we creat a tradition of flawless perfection.

    Please contact Hair Restoration Center to set up an appointment for consultation. You can also start by filling the evaluation and submit it to us. You can also reach us via e-mail 24/7.

       Email: info@thehairrestoration.com
       Consultation By Appointment Only
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