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    Hair Restoration Center

    436 Peninsula Ave. #B

    San Mateo, CA 94401

    Phone: 650-375-0204

    The loss of hair in cancer patients is difficult to accept as it indicates aging, loss of physical strength, and the fear of not looking attractive.

    Women pateints with hair loss tend to undergo substantial emotional effects. It is women who find it much more difficult to handle loss of their hair.

    Women are much more worried about the way they look than men, and this leads to a deeper psychological investment in the way they look to the public.

    At HRC we comprehensively underestand how to deal with your needs. We have extensive experience working with cancer patients and will implement our knowledge to make this a satisfactory occurrence for our clients.

    HRC studio is located in a private office facility so you feel comfortable and secure. At Hair Restoration Center we creat a tradition of flawless perfection.

    Please contact Hair Restoration Center to set up an appointment for consultation. You can also start by filling the evaluation and submit it to us. You can also reach us via e-mail 24/7.

       Email: info@thehairrestoration.com
       Consultation By Appointment Only
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